The West Ender
Thursday, April 16, 1998


p. 11.

Moving street kids limits freedom

As both a resident and a patron of Granville Street, I am quite perturbed to notice that at least one of the officers from the Community Policing Office here doesn't seem to understand the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of this country.

Freedom of movement and freedom of assembly are rights that are supposed to be enjoyed by all Canadians. Yet this particular officer seems compelled to tell street kids (often small groups of them) to "move along" whenever he sees them sitting on the sidewalk. Does he perhaps believe that the Charter was only meant for people who own businesses, or perhaps have stable addresses and incomes?

Municipal loitering laws have been consistently struck down by the Supreme Court when they have been applied to harass prostitutes. Perhaps he needs to have this explained to him by a judge?

Andrew Sorfleet
Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver

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