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Violence Against Sex Workers

  • Former prostitute sues RCMP
    Canadian Broadcasting Corp., August 14, 2000
  • Donna Oglive murder
    Toronto, Ontario, March 1998

    A pregnant mother who was brutally murdered, found strangled in a Jarvis/Carlton St. parking lot. A trust fund has been established for her two-year-old son, Mason.

  • Accused killer regular client of prostitutes
    The Province
    , September 26, 1997.

  • Most hooker killers go free
    Ottawa, Ontario, 1997. Report from Statistics Canada

  • Pam George murder trial
    Regina Saskatewan, 1996-2000

    Pamela Jean George, a 28-year-old mother of two, was beaten to death. Steven Kummerfield and Alex Ternowetsky were convicted by jury of manslaughter for the murder and sentenced to 6 ½ years each by Justice Ted Malone. Ternowetsky was granted day parole in August 2000. Kummerfield was granted full parole the following November, having served less than four years.

  • Three Toronto pros murdered with the same gun
    Toronto, Ontario, May/June 1996

    Two pros from the Maitland stroll and one from Parkdale were all murdered by the same gun. Well-known and loved, these people will be missed by their communities.

  • Grayce Baxter murdered by client
    Toronto, Ontario, December 1992 - April 1994

    Grayce Baxter was known to her working friends as "Candace." She worked as a high-priced call girl and specialized in domination. She was murdered by a client she had seen before. Her body was never found.

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