Sex, Work, Education, Advocacy and Research

$ex, Work, Education, Advocacy & Research!

$WE@&R! Sex Workers' Workbook
($ex, Work, Education, Advocacy & Research!)
Sex Workers' Workbook

2005 Edition (Canada) By A. Sorfleet
$WE@&R! is an easy-to-use way for workers in the sex industry to give their opinions about laws, policies, regulations and benefits. Help us promote greater sex-worker involvement in legal reforms that affect your work life. Study these four workbooks, then answer the questions in the $WE@&R! Research! section.

  • $WE@&R! Sex Workers' Workbook – All five $WE@&R! workbooks, including cover and table of contents, compiled into a single, convenient PDF. (11.1Mb PDF:
  • $WE@&R! Cover – Includes preface and table of contents.
    (288Kb PDF: SwearCover.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! $ex – Describes and explains in detail public health laws related to contagious diseases and sexually transmitted infections. It contains nitty-gritty details and photos of these diseases. (1.5Mb PDF: SwearSex.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Work – Describes and explains workplace laws. It also discusses wages, health and safety, employee benefits, professional associations and trade unions.
    (2.6Mb PDF: SwearWork.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Education – A great place to begin. It describes and explains some of the history of the social attitudes and regulations that have been imposed on prostitutes. You will find information on Canada's laws, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, law reform in other countries, and the various levels of competing legal jurisdictions in Canada.
    (4.8Mb PDF: SwearEducation.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Advocacy – Describes and explains how to be an advocate for yourself and for others. It includes user-friendly instructions for starting sex worker groups, networking, public education and other political activities. (3.1Mb PDF: SwearAdvocacy.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Research! – Compiles in a single survey all of the questions contained in the other $WE@&R! workbooks. Once you've completed the other workbooks, you have the opportunity to answer all the questions a second time, in light of new information you may have acquired. (224Kb PDF: SwearResearch.pdf)

Created: January 10, 2005
Last modified: February 16, 2010

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