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Whore Heroines
and Heroes

Outspoken Canadian whores and others who lost their lives in the line of work.

  • Us Whores: us whores is a multi-media, multi-dimensional project by Todd Klinck. Included are Todd's columns from "Trade", which appears in fab magazine every 2 weeks. (Outside link.)
  • The Commercial Sex Information Service gets news coverage in the Toronto Sun! Hall of fame for Canada's hookers (June 6, 2000)

  • Penny Hoar: "Yes, that's my real name!" (1952-1997). Penny was well known and loved in the hipster scene in Toronto. A dominatrix and comedienne, Penny ran during the 1993 federal election as a "Rogue Rhino" (Rhinoceros Party unregistered candidate) with the slogan, "Politicians screw you, Protect yourself!" (with a picture of Penny carrying a giant condom).

  • Pamela George February 27, 1967 - April 18, 1995. Pamela, a 28-year-old mother of two young daughters was beaten to death and left to die out by the Regina airport. Steven Kummerfield and Alexander Ternowetsky were each sentenced to six-and-a-half years for manslaughter. They will be eligible to apply for full parole in the year 2000. The conviction is being appealed both by the defense and by the crown.

  • Fiona Stewart Memorial Hompage -- a.k.a "Jane Doe" from the Junger/Whitehead Inquiry into administration of internal investigations by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, Fiona died in her home on October 15, 1996. She will be greatly missed by her chosen family and friends. Her death is a great loss to the prostitutes' rights movement in Canada.

  • Danny Cockerline Rest in peace. Danny left us December 11,1995. This darkest time of year will soon be turning into days of hope as hours of light slowly lengthen again. With hope comes inspiration, and for inspiration and guidance Danny has left so many wonderful accomplishments and memories behind. These webpages are just the beginning to a collection of Danny's deeds.

  • The Contessa: Elizabeth Spedding (1915-1995) was probably Canada's oldest whore, and undoubtedly the country's most famous madam.

  • Grace "Candace" Baxter: 1966-1992 "I think for many of us who work she was a bit of an icon; she had the car and the condo, she made big bucks, partied hard and had lots and lots of friends. She was beautiful and she was proud."

Comemorative Stamp

Canada Post has issued a series of stamps on Canada's gold rush. One of the stamps features what seems to be a picture of prostitute. You can buy them from any post office. The caption reads, "Dawson, City of Gold! Meeting place of the Klondike. It supplied provisions and plenty of entertainment." In French, "Dawson, capitale de l'or! Point de ralliement au Klondike. On y trouvee vivres et divertissements, à profusion." Sources for the illustrations are: Wm Ogilvie, The Klondike Official Guide (Toronto, Hunter, 1898) and F. Schwatka, Along Alaska's Great River (NY, Cassell, 1885), 243.

The strumpet who stole a king's heart — "Nell Gwyn, who died 313 years ago this week, was a good friend of Charles II. Although she was never the official mistress of the Merry Monarch, who found it necessary to have sex every day or so, she was his favourite for 18 years…"
Globe and Mail, November 18, 2000

Mata Hari: An Innocent Femme Fatale? Well, at Least a Not Guilty One — "Mata Hari … her sensual mouth could coax secrets out of the most hardened officer. Her stupendous buttocks almost changed the course of World War I.…"
An Underground Education, Richard Zacks (NY, Doubleday, 1997).

Empress Theodora — Justinian seated her on the throne as an equal and independent colleague in the sovereignty of the Byzantine empire. The Eastern world fell prostrate before the prostitute who, in the presence of innumerable spectators, had polluted the theatre of Constantinople.
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbons (London, Bison Books, 1979).

Outrageous American Whores: Links to USA Whore Heroes including Tracy Quan, Annie Sprinkle, Nina Hartley, Scarlet Harlot, Norma Jean Almodovar and much more!

USA Whore Heroes…

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