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I have been working on MacIntosh computers, and I have been actively involved in publishing, since 1987. I have been building websites since May 1995. I am capable and innovative technically, as well as editorially.


I am fluent in HTML 3 and I type my own code. I am familiar with, and am competent using, up-to-date versions of software such as BBEdit, Adobe Photoshop, Streamline and Illustrator, as well as Equilibrium Debabalizer. I have experience creating GIF animations and forms and I have installed some CGI and Javascripts. I am a virtual wizard with the use of tables for layout or data and I have built complicated tables using search and replace functions. I have an strong grasp of colour and colour theory and am familiar with designing with "browser-safe" colours.

Since May 1995, I have developed and maintained the Commercial Sex Information Service, a website which now consists of over 550 pages. Up-keep of the site involves maintaining a mirror, updating the server and analysing the access-log, as well as all design, computer illustration and architecture. My greatest strengths include my ability to develop content and design site structure. I have experience with, and can visualize and plan, massive websites.

My work


Responsible for building, maintaining and overseeing all client sites. Team leader for developing standards for navigation and structure which eventually enabled the development of a dynamic update site system using Cold Fusion. Clients could instantly update sections themselves, allowing them to post news releases about their public company instantly as well as send news releases to their respective email lists. Designed nine new sites in nine months as part of the evolutionary process for developing a standard shell flexible enough for most public companies to use.

A Mac-only operator when I joined the Stockscape team I quickly became proficient on the Windows platform as well (aside from technical maintenance). I became familiar with PC Web development tools including Microsoft FrontPage, Allaire Homesite, and Macromedia DreamWeaver. I paid particular attention to minimizing the display inconsistencies between different makes of browsers (and versions of) on both Mac and PC platforms. I also familiarized my self with Cold Fusion and was building dynamic sites.

The following sites mark the evolution of those structural standards.

Sites designed for Stockscape.com chronological order:

Spring, 1998 Golden Queen Mining Co. www.goldenqueen.com Minera Andes www.minandes.com Summer, 1998 Maracote International Resources Ltd. www.maracote.com Brazilian International Goldfields Limited www.braziliangoldfields.com Napier International Technologies Inc. www.napierintl.com Fall, 1998 Asia Minerals http://www.stockscape.com/company2/andys/amp/ Asia Minerals after site changes from the client, in particular the side navigation on secondary pages. http://www.stockscape.com/company2/andys/amp-new/

City of Vancouver

(I worked with the team which developed the "web style guide" and the templates which allowed dozens of (mostly) inexperienced city staff to create department webpages which fit into the over all design and "look" of the site. Now the City of Vancouver's is an award-winning site, with thousands of pages. (Best Municipal website in BC, based on design, ease of use and volume of content.) Design of this site required working within a limited range of "browser safe" colours due to the quality of the equipment available to the staff who had to be able to use the site. Some of the pages I designed and formatted for the City include:)

The Child Youth and Family Advocate of BC

  • Community Advocates in British Columbia
    (I worked with a team on the paper colour palette, and then developed and expanded it for the website. I created all of the maps using this colour palette, which is "browser safe.")

(I am responsible for all site design, administration and webmastering.)

The Commercial Sex Information Service

(I am responsible for all site design, administration and webmastering. I create all of the computer illustration, although not all the original drawings.) Some pages within this matrix include:


I am familiar with Adobe Pagemaker (as well as Photoshop, Streamline and Illustrator), Quark XPress, Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Word, fax software and flatbed scanners. I have some experience doing colour separations.

I have a very good command of written English and well-developed editorial skills. I have experience proofreading and a knack for consistency and continuity. I am particularly capable of working with longer documents. I have produced material for the Science Council of BC, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver School Board and SFU Software Intelligence Group.

Previously, I worked for three years for Maggie's, the Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project, as their educational-materials coordinator and designer. My responsibilities involved all aspects of publishing: coordinating research and writing teams; focus testing; writing and editing; illlustration, design, layout and production. The educational materials I produced while for them included: Trials of the Sex Trade: A survival guide to Canada's legal jungle; the Bad Trick and Bad Call Sheets (which involved developing and maintaining databases); a series of health promotion materials; the newsletter, annual reports, and other membership information; promotional materials for fundraising and community education; and media advertisements.

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