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Pamphlets about Canadian law and its enforcement in relation to sex work

  • PART I: Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982.
    Excerpted from The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Guide for Canadians. © Minister of Supply and Services Canada 1982.
    Cat. No. CP 45-24/ 1982-1
    ISBN 0-662-51913-2

  • Petitioning The House of Commons: A Practical Guide. An easy to follow guide to writing petitions regarding federal laws. Sent to Chris Bearchell at Maggie's, by MP Sven Robinson's office, September 1993.

  • Trials of the Sex Trade: A survival guide to Canada's legal jungle.
    Produced in Toronto, this six-booklet set explains in plain English exactly how Canadian laws make most ways of working in the sex trade illegal. Trials is also available here in PDF. You can download Acrobat Reader free!.

    This set of related info cards was also included in the package:

    • If Cops Want To Talk To You. One of the first pieces published from Trials of the Sex Trade, this card outlines your rights when you are being interrogated or arrested. This is the republished version from the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver.
      Make your own! Print "copcard.pdf" on US-lettersize (8.5" X 10") paper. Paste legal service numbers from your area over the Vancouver information. Copy double-sided on baby-blue card stock, trim and fold.
    • Wanna be a Movie Star? It may be more than you bargained for... This card was first published in 1993 by Maggie's in Toronto in response to a series of busts under Canada's then new "kiddie" porn law on the boystown stroll. The card was republished again in 1995 by the SWAV after hustlers had been interrogated by police about a Burnaby Elementary school principal accused of making "child pornography."
      Make your Own! Print "moviestar.pdf" on US-lettersize paper. Copy double-sided on pastel yellow card stock.
    • Beware Entrapment: Dirty tricks from legal dicks... This card was published by Maggie's to dispell the myths on the stroll about legality of entrapment and how you can tell if a prospective client is an undercover cop.

  • Arrest, Civil Rights and Police Powers British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, 1988. (

Resources from the Department of Justice, Canada

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  • Department of Justice, Canada: Here you will find:
  • Canada's Court System (JUS-667, 1994)
    A 10-page booklet intended for students and others who are interested in learning about Canada's justice system.
  • Canada's System of Justice (JUS-645, 1993)
    A 38-page booklet intended for students and others who are interested in learning about Canada's justice system. It consists of the following sections: What is the law?; Sources of Canadian Law; The Law in Action; The Citizen and the Law; and the Future of Law in Canada.
  • The Criminal Code of Canada
    Proceed at your own risk! This document is a nightmare to navigate through. For your convenience I have listed the sections that are relevant to sex work.
    • Part V: Sexual Offenses, Public Morals and Disorderly Conduct
    • Part VII: Disorderly Houses, Gaming and Betting
      (Bawdy-house Section 210)
    • Part XII.2: Proceeds of Crime

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