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CUP is proud to be able to offer our members these essential references for the pursuit of human rights and labour organizing for sex workers. The following books are "must read" tools for all sex workers' rights activists in Canada, and elsewhere…

Sex Workers' Rights

Sex Workers' Rights: Report of the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration (Brussels 2005)
Edited by A. Sorfleet. Published by International Committee on the Rights of
Sex Workers in Europe. Amsterdam 2007

Features a Declaration of the Rights and a Sex Workers' Manifesto approved by 200 sex workers at the conference. The 116-page report is filled with presentations and artwork from sex workers and their allies, press coverage and tonnes of protest photos…

  • Sex Workers' Rights: Report of the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration (Brussels 2005) – A. Sorfleet (ed.)
    Published by the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe. Amsterdam, 2007
    (13.9Mb PDF: SexWorkersRights.pdf)
  • Sex Workers Manifesto:
    10 HighLights
    Ten sex workers stood up and each read aloud a statement selected from the Manifesto to create this presentation to the European Parliament. pp. 2-3.
    (352Kb PDF: SWRights-Highlights.pdf)
  • Sex Workers in Europe Manifesto Delegates presented the Manifesto to the European Parliament October 17, 2005. pp. 69-76.
    (928Kb PDF: SWRights-Manifesto.pdf)
  • Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe This Declaration was endorsed by approximately 200 delegates (sex workers and allies) from 28 countries in Europe. pp. 77-84. This English version was edited for clarity. The unedited version is available in French, German, Spanish, Russian, and English is available at (576Kb PDF: SWRights-Declaration.pdf)
  • $ex Workers Make History: 1985 & 1986 — The World Whores' Congress – Transcript of Gail Pheterson's and Margo St. James' presentation on the World Whores' Congresses held 20 years prior. Includes lots of historical photos of the events, as well as the original World Charter Prostitute's Rights. pp. 21-30. (1.1Mb PDF: SWRights-History.pdf)
  • More Sex Workers' Rights: Contents – List of articles, available individually here in PDF format…

$WE@&R! Sex Workers' Workbook
Sex Workers' Workbook 2005 Edition (Canada) By A. Sorfleet
$WE@&R! is an easy-to-use way for workers in the sex industry to give their opinions about laws, policies, regulations and benefits. Help us promote greater sex-worker involvement in legal reforms that affect your work life. Study these four workbooks, then answer the questions in the $WE@&R! Research! section.

  • $WE@&R! Sex Workers' Workbook – All five $WE@&R! workbooks, including cover and table of contents, compiled into a single, convenient PDF. (11.1Mb PDF:
  • $WE@&R! Cover – Includes preface and table of contents.
    (288Kb PDF: SwearCover.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! $ex – Describes and explains in detail public health laws related to contagious diseases and sexually transmitted infections. It contains nitty-gritty details and photos of these diseases. (1.5Mb PDF: SwearSex.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Work – Describes and explains workplace laws. It also discusses wages, health and safety, employee benefits, professional associations and trade unions.
    (2.6Mb PDF: SwearWork.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Education – A great place to begin. It describes and explains some of the history of the social attitudes and regulations that have been imposed on prostitutes. You will find information on Canada's laws, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, law reform in other countries, and the various levels of competing legal jurisdictions in Canada.
    (4.8Mb PDF: SwearEducation.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Advocacy – Describes and explains how to be an advocate for yourself and for others. It includes user-friendly instructions for starting sex worker groups, networking, public education and other political activities. (3.1Mb PDF: SwearAdvocacy.pdf)
  • $WE@&R! Research! – Compiles in a single survey all of the questions contained in the other $WE@&R! workbooks. Once you've completed the other workbooks, you have the opportunity to answer all the questions a second time, in light of new information you may have acquired. (224Kb PDF: SwearResearch.pdf)

Trials of the Sex Trade: A Survival Guide to Canada's Legal Jungle
Originally produced by Maggie's in Toronto, Trials was published by the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver in 1995.
Six individual booklets explain in plain English how Canadian laws make most ways of working in the sex trade illegal. Included also are info cards on topics such as dealing with police officers.

Trials of the Sex Trade
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