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Abstracts: XI International AIDS Conference

Out of 5,254 accepted by the XI International Conference on AIDS 263 abstracts contained references and information relating to sex work. See also, Networking in Vancouver: A Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) Report!





  • Mo.B.1260 - Correlates of Long-Term Survival and Immunologic Nonprogression Among HIV-1 Infected Sex Workers in Nairobi
  • Mo.C.1618 - Impact of HIV on Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in a Nairobi outpatient Clinic
  • Mo.C.1475 - HIV-1 Group O Infection in Cameroon
  • Mo.C.223 - Use of Intravaginal Preparations, Presence of Lactobacillus in the Vagina, and Risk for HIV in Zimbabwean Women
  • Mo.C.1487 - Adolescent High Risk Sexual Behavior Along the Trans-Africa Highway in Kenya
  • Mo.C.1488 - High Syphilis and Low but Rising HIV Seroprevalence Rates in Madagascar
  • Mo.C.1618 - Impact of HIV on Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in a Nairobi outpatient Clinic
  • Mo.C.1479 - HIV, Tuberculosis and Syphilis in Nigeria: A Descriptive Study
  • Mo.C.442 - HIV Seroincidence and STD Prevalence During an Intervention Study Among Female Sex Workers in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire: Preliminary Findings





  • Mo.C.226 - STD and HIV infection Among Female Non-Commercial Sex Workers (Non-CSWs) Attending STD Clinics in Pune, India
  • Mo.D.600 - HIV/AIDS Intervention Among transsexuals in Bangalore: Medico-Legal Impediments For Effective Intervention


  • Mo.C.440 - Declining Prevalence of Gonorrhoea (GC) and Chlamydia (CT) in Female Sex Workers (FSW) Chiang Rai, Thailand, 1991-94
  • Mo.C.904 - Two Million HIV Infections Prevented in Thailand: Estimate of the Impact of Increased Condom Use
  • Mo.C.1626 - Opportunities for Sustainability in Bankok's STD Clinics
  • Mo.C.1509 - Widely Varying HIV Prevalence and Risk Among Nine Ethnic Minority Groups in Northern Thailand
  • Mo.C.1511 - HIV Risk Behavior in Young Thai Men Outside Northern Thailand


  • Th.D.460 - HIV Prevention Among Commercial Sex Workers Using Peer Education and Outreach Strategies; Myanmar


  • Th.D.465 - Communications Patterns Related to STD Findings From a Qualitative Research Activity Among Female Sex Workers In Manila and Cebu City, Philippines


  • Th.D.462 - Peer Education With Commercial Sex Workers


  • Th.D.461 - Qualitative Study on Status Quo of Sex Workers And Their AIDS-Related Sexual Behavior in Two Kinds of Chinese Cities




  • Th.D.466 - Preventive Actions Against HIV Infection Among Tranvestite and Transformist Sex Workers (CSW) in Paris




  • Mo.C.441 - Rapid Decline in Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevalence Among Brothel-based Sex Workers in La Paz, Bolivia: The Experience of Proyecto Contra SIDA, 1992-1995
  • Mo.C.452 - Migration, Ethnicity and Gender: HIV Risk Factors For Women on the Sugar Cane Plantations (Bateyes) of the Dominican Republic (DR)
  • Mo.D.602 - Risk of HIV Infection by Tranvestite Sex Workers in Brazil: Prostitution, Silicone and Drugs
  • Mo.D.603 - Developing Effective HIV/AIDS Programs For transsexuals Working as Sex Workers
  • Mo.B.1245 - Prevalence of HIV and HTLV Infections in Selective Ethnic Groups in Honduras
  • Th.D.464 - "La Sala": A Novel Educational Approach For Sex Workers in Guatemala City
  • Mo.C.1438 - An Epidemiological Approach to HIV-1/2 Infection Among Female Sex Workers and Gay Men of Margarita Island
  • Mo.C.1577 - Seven Years of Sentinel Surveillance of HIV2 and HIV1 Infection: The Use of an HIV1 model to estimate the spread of the epidemic





  • Mo.D.363 - Social Determinants Predict Needle Sharing Behaviour Among Injection Drug Users in Vancouver
  • We.C.563 - Risk Behaviours and HIV Prevalence Among a Cohort of Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in Vancouver
  • Mo.C.900 - Sexual Abuse is an Independent Predictor for Sexual Risk-Taking Among Young HIV-Negative Gay Men: Results From a Prospective Study at Baseline


  • Mo.C.1432 - STDs and HIV prevalence in Female Sex Workers (FSW) in Mexico City
  • Mo.C.1435 - Prevalence of HIV, HBV and Syphilis in a Rural Mexican Population

United States

  • Mo.D.601 - AIDS Prevention For Transgender and Transsexual Persons: A Collaborative Community-Based Program
  • Mo.C.225 - HIV Risk Behaviors and HIV-Related Morbidity in a Cohort of Incarcerated Women in Massachusetts
  • We.C.3602 - Occupational Safety and Health Regulations as an HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy in the Context of Sex Work
  • Mo.C.224 - Prevalence of Domestic and Childhood Abuse Among Women with HIV and High Risk Uninfected Women


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