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Maggie's mission is: to provide education and support to assist sex workers in their efforts to live and work with safety and dignity.

About Maggie's

Maggie's is the first sex-worker-run education project in Canada. The project provides information about health promotion, AIDS and STD prevention, Canadian law, and dangerous clients to sex workers. Maggie's was founded in 1986 and is an incorporated Ontario non-profit charitable organization, registered for tax exemption status with Revenue Canada. Maggie's has been funded by the Toronto Department of Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health, Health Canada and private donations. Maggie's at one time administered an annual budget of $380,000. Maggie's, the only organization of its kind in Canada, has been a model for sex worker peer-education projects, internationally. Maggie's membership is open to sex workers who support the group's goals. Maggie's offers non-voting membership for non-sex workers too.

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Health & Safety Education

  • How To Have Safer Sex: First produced in 1988 by Danny Cockerline for PSSP with some support from the AIDS Committee of Toronto.

  • Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver republished these Health Cards which were originally developed at Maggie's (1993-94). These healthy tips have since been reproduced by service agencies all over Canada!

  • Check out Trials of the Sex of the Sex Trade: A survival guide to Canada's legal jungle. Written and produced (but never printed) under the auspices of Maggie's, this project took the better part of four years! See too How Trials was made... Trials is also available here in PDF. You can download Acrobat Reader FREE! This set of related info cards was also included in the package:
    • If Cops Want To Talk To You. One of the first pieces published from Trials of the Sex Trade, this card outlines your rights when you are being interrogated or arrested. This republished version is from the Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver.
      Make your own! Print "copcard.pdf" on US-lettersize (8.5 X 10 inches) paper. Paste legal service numbers from your area over the Vancouver information. Copy double-sided on baby-blue card stock, trim and fold.
    • Wanna be a Movie Star? It may be more than you bargained for... This card was first published in 1993 by Maggie's, in response to a series of busts under Canada's then new "kiddie" porn law on the boystown stroll. The card was republished again in 1995 by the SWAV after hustlers had been interrogated by police about a Burnaby Elementary school principal accused of making "child pornography."
      Make your Own! Print "moviestar.pdf" on US-lettersize paper. Copy double-sided on pastel yellow card stock.
    • Beware Entrapment Dirty tricks from legal dicks... This card was published by Maggie's to dispell the myths on the stroll about legality of entrapment and how you can tell if a prospective client is an undercover cop.

Policies & Reports

  • Report on Assessing the Need to Reduce Drug-Related Harm Among Prostitutes Who Use Drugs. Health Promotion and Social Development, Health Canada (File no. 6552-2-371). Maggie's, the Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project, 1994.
  • Maggie's Operations Manual: The By-Law and all the policies that govern Maggie's daily operations as a non-profit.

  • Maggie's Annual Report 1993/94

  • Police Response to Reports of Violence Against Prostitutes: A Submission from Maggie's, the Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project to the Police Services Board in response to the Report of an Inquiry into administration of internal investigations by the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force — August, 1992. Submitted September 25, 1992.

  • "Who Would You Believe, A Police Chief Or A Prostitute?." Chronology of the Junger/Whitehead Affair published in Maggie's Zine, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1991 (newsletter of Maggie's, the Toronto Prostitutes' Community Service Project).
    Maggie's staff were first aquainted with "Jane Doe," at International Women's Day, March 1992. At the fair, Fiona came up to the Maggie's table and read the newsletter chronology. She pointed out a couple of details that were not correct. She also mused that some of the information she hadn't known. About to leave, Fiona turned to Gwendolyn (Maggie's staffer) and announced, "I'm Jane Doe — I'm Jane Doe from the Junger/Whitehead Inquiry," then she slipped off into the bustling crowd.
  • Letter to Susan Eng, Police Services Board Chair, following a meeting with her. June 1st, 1993.

  • Maggie's Police Relations Policies. Notes for a meeting and discussion on the topic, October 15, 1994.

  • Amsterdam Report: On the VIII International Conference on AIDS/III STD World Congress, July 19-24, 1992, Amsterdam.
    • Amsterdam Report: Appendix I. A copy of an abstract by former Maggie's staffer, Alexandra Highcrest, who applied for grant money under the auspices of Maggie's without the knowledge of the rest of the staff.
    • Amsterdam Report: Appendix II. An interview with Claudia Colimora, prostitute activist from Mexico. This interview was published in Maggie's Zine, No 1. Winter 93-94.
    • Amsterdam Report: Appendix III. A secret personal report on making a porn film in Amsterdam. Warning XXX-Rated pictures!

Founders & Members

  • Cybershrine to Penny Hoar: "Yes, that's my real name!" (1952-1997). Dominatrix and comedienne, this SWAT member ran for parliament in the 1993 federal election. As a "Rogue Rhino" (unregistered Rhinoceros Party candidate) Penny carried the slogan, "Politicians screw you, Protect yourself!" and gave away free condoms.

  • Danny Cockerline A Tribute: To the life and work of this long-time human rights activist for prostitutes. Danny was a founder the Canadian Organization for Prostitutes Rights (CORP) and the Prostitutes' Safe Sex Project (PSSP). This SWAT member was legendary on the international scene. Danny starred in several porn films and as well as being a centrespread in Honcho and Mandate.

  • Fiona Stewart Memorial Homepage: Fiona was Jane Doe of the Junger/Whitehead Inquiry, she was also a highly-respected housing activist and very efficient administrator. Fiona was a founder of several housing cooperatives in Toronto and was a close friend and supporter of SWAT.

  • The Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto: Founded at Maggie's in 1992 out of frustration with the limitations of non-profit structure and government funding, This activist group was formed to do political work that Maggie's couldn't.

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